Little Nature Explorers

I have to admit that every-so-often I get a smug, self-satisfied feeling about home-education and this is typically on days where the sun smiles down upon the world and, rather than being ‘cooped up’ in a classroom, our children can get out and about into the world ‘outside’.
We are rather blessed as a home education group that, within a short walking distance from the village hall where we meet, we can access Walkers Nurseries where there is a public garden to enjoy and explore.
We have been visiting the tadpoles that we found there weekly to see how they grow and change.  Recently they have been growing hindlegs.  Whilst the tadpoles are rather easy to ‘catch’ at the moment, occasionally we manage to catch other wildlife (including various nymphs and insects).
After enjoying having a good look at the tadpoles, on a hot sunny day, it helps to have brought bubbles to play with.
Sunny days can be few and far between – why spend them cooped up in a classroom?