The Viking Creation of the World

The second session of HEDGerow saw us having a Spanish lesson at N’s in the morning and then off to the local village hall for a bit more space.

We started the session with some singing and dancing; some maths games with some moving and shaking and a maths conga.  We learnt about the Viking Creation of the world: how Odin and his brothers created the world by killing the Jotun, Ymir, and then using his body to make the various parts of the world around us.  We then learnt that the first man and woman were made from an Ash and Elm or Alder (respectively – although some sources also suggest a vine or water pot): Ask and Embla.

Using lining paper we then drew around ourselves to make our own ‘tree people’ and began to make leaves from our hands and/or feet.

A little bit of french skipping also went on in the background.
Our youngest member giving a mini *peace* 😉
Hopefully we’ll continue to work on these over the coming weeks and get together at the end of this theme (Vikings) to see our ‘tree people’ together again.