Guitar Open Session

Shared with permission from Paul Davies:

Because of the volume of new enquiries currently being received for the Guitar session on a Thursday, we have decided to host a Guitar open session for new enquiries, therefore any enquires received  will now be informed of the event and indeed invited along.

The session will enable Steve to assess the children’s level of ability and enable us to either plan a new group or infill to existing groups including the possibility of some children joining in with one of our many Saturday morning groups currently running at the Point.

The event is planned for Thursday  26th Feb 3.45-4.30pm at the Point

Information required is as follows:

  • Name/contact details
  • Age/gender
  • Level of competence if any
  • Type of Guitar i.e. classical ,Acoustic or Electric etc.

It is essential that children bring their guitars with them to the session


If you require any further info please do not hesitate to contact me:


Paul Davies
Head of Doncaster Music Education Hub
Doncaster MBC
The Point
16 South Parade

Tel: 01302 327444
General email:

FREE music sessions for Doncaster Home Educators

Doncaster Music Hub are pleased to be able to offer two different free music projects to Doncaster Home Educated Children and Young People. The sessions are supported by Doncaster MBC.

After consulting with you, we are running these sessions as a pilot project for one term to ensure that we develop the work to fit the needs of the children. We recognise that the sessions may not suit everyone in terms of timings, but we have had to go for the most popular times and days and match those with the musicians availability.

There will be two sessions every week, which will run up until Christmas 2014, we will be reviewing the programme with you through the Autumn term to develop a programme for the Spring term.

Session 1– Wednesdays 1.30-3.30 (with a break) Starts 24th September (No session 29th October)

Session will take place in the ‘Garden Room’ at The Point

Family session– we are not putting a strict age range on the sessions as you know your children’s needs much better than we do! but we would suggest an age range of 5-10.

Younger children are welcome and parental support is expected. Parents must stay in session as there will only be 1 musician in each session. There will be 3 different musicians working on the sessions, Gary, Katie and Dyzelle. They are all very experienced and will offer a fantastic experience to the children.

The sessions will be fun and exploratory and will use a wide range of instruments.

Sessions could include:

Singing games and rhymes to instill basic building blocks of music – i.e beat, rhythm, pitch etc – in a fun, creative way.

Curriculum aspects covered:

Use voices expressively and creatively by singing songs and speaking chants and rhymes, play tuned and untuned instruments musically.

Development ideas:

Development of understanding – perhaps moving on to basic rhythm notation etc.

Basic songwriting/compositions.

Curriculum aspects covered:

Listen with concentration and understanding to a range of high-quality live and recorded music

Experiment with, create, select and combine sounds using the inter-related dimensions of music.

Composition and song-writing, using graphic notation/basic staff notation.


Session 2– Thursdays 2 -3.30 (with a break) Starts 25th September (No session 30th October)

Guitars with Steve Meritt

(Steve can work with children right from beginner level through to advanced)

Suggested age 10+


To book please email or call 01302 341662

For further information, please telephone Helen on 01302 558050 or email