What is Home Education?


Many people believe that children have to attend school.  This isn’t true: education, not school, is compulsory.  By law (Education Act 1996) parents are required to provide an efficient, full-time education suitable to the age, ability and aptitude of their child at school or ‘otherwise’ – it is the ‘otherwise’ that cover home education (sometimes known as homeschooling).

The use of the word ‘home’ to describe this ‘otherwise’ education can be a little misleading as, in truth, education can happen anywhere and everywhere – some home-educators will tell you that they feel that they are very rarely at home!

Home educators come from all walks of life and home educate for all sorts of reasons.  Some children may have never been to school, others will have attended school and later been de-registered (more information in FAQs) and subsequently home educated.

To find out more information about what is going on for home educators in Doncaster (and the surrounding area) please visit “Local Activities” on the top menu.

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  1. Peter

    My children are being home educated and I think that it is the best for my children. Much better than going to school

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