Shared with permission from Anita Linsdell (DMBC):

Access to Childrens Centre

I met with Bridget Lewis yesterday.  Bridget is the Service Manager of Integrated Family Support Services and one of her responsibilities is for the Children’s Centres.  Bridget is keen for you to be able to use the Children’s Centres and to have a positive relationship with home educators.  If you use the centres you will need to register.  As an Ofsted regulated facility the Childrens Centre has to be able to evidence what the centre is being used for and the impact of this.  Bridget is going to have a look at the timetables for Intake and Central Childrens Centres to see which days are available and then she will arrange for her or one of her managers to meet with you.

Music Service

Paul Davies (Head of Hub) and Helen Jones (DARTS) are meeting with some of you on 9th June at 2pm at the Point, to discuss access to services

Exam Centres

Fiona Nicholson ( )  has connected me with Andrew Harland from the Examinations Officers Association.  Briefly, if you want to set up an independent exam centre for next year, you/we need to be meeting with him at the beginning of July, to start planning.  If you would like to ask him anything directly his email address (held on file, please Contact Us for details).  If we have enough interest, I would be happy to arrange a meeting.

Kind regards

Anita Linsdell
Service Manager – Attendance and Pupil Welfare
Doncaster Council
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