Information from Anita Linsdell (Service Manager – Attendance and Pupil Welfare) shared with permission:

From Mexborough School:

In discussion with our Exam Officer we are in a position to offer our centre to students aged 16 who have been home educated.

However, there are a number of points to note:

· They will be entered as private candidates which means they pay the full examination fee upfront

· We will charge in addition the cost for invigilation and administration

· A responsible adult will have bring them to school on the day of the exam and collect at the end of the exam

We would need to know in advance about:
· medical or behavioural issues that would require the student to be seated in a room on their own

· eligibility for additional time / amanuensis based on a verified assessment

· responsibility for the controlled assessment / portfolio / product element of the course, including the marking of it

Please do not hesitate to contact me (Mirjam Bühler-Willey, Head-teacher) or Shirley Callus, Exam Officer to discuss this matter further.

Phone Number: 01709 585858
Direct Dial where available:
Fax: 01709 570870

To be informed of useful/important information from the Local Authority pertaining to home education, you might wish to join Anita Linsdell’s mailing list by e-mailing: Anita.Linsdell @ (deleting the spaces around @) and requesting that you be added to the list.

Also, please note that there are now a few schools that offer this across Doncaster – and long may it continue to become more simple to access these services.

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